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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Organic Skin Care Review

TheraNeem Organix Lemongrass & Patchouli Cleansing Bar

"Packed with antioxidants, Neem protects, nourishes and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin. With 10% certified organic Neem oil, this bar is ideal for oily or acne-prone skin, gently calming to support a radiant complexion. Hand-crafted with only the finest quality organic oils."- TheraNeem Organix


  1. Leaves my face squeaky clean
  2. Less breakouts
  3. Skin feels soft
  4. Doesn't irritate my sensitve skin
  5. Helps control oil
  6. Has antioxidants
  7. No allergic reactions
  8. Lasts me 5-6  months ( It doesn't take much to lather up)
  1. Tastes terrible. Don't get it in you mouth! 
  2. Burns your eyes like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be careful!
  3. Leaves my face dry in the winter time. You have to moisturize right after cleansing.
  4. I have to buy this online and pay for shipping

***The soap has helped my little sister with teen acne. She bought a cleansing bar in June, and her face has cleared up soooo much.

Avalon Organics COQ10 Perfecting Toner

"Perfecting Facial Toner with COQ10, an essential antioxidant found in every living cell of your body, and the energy source for new cells and smooth firm skin. Expertly blended with organic Lavender, White Tea and Arnica for optimum therapeutic benefits to purify, hydrate and restore the skins equilibrium."- Avalon Organics 


  1. Skin looks and feels smooth
  2. Skin feels Refreshed
  3. No allergic reactions 
  4. Takes away traces of dirt, make-up, dead skin cells etc.
  5. Smells great
  6. Wrinkle defense
  7. Less breakouts


  1. I have to buy it online and pay for shipping

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Balancing Toner

"Our balancing Facial Toner with Vitamin C, organic aloe, cucumber, and Papaya extracts gently removes impurities, tones pores and balances your skin's natural moisture protecting against free radical damage generated by sun exposure."-Avalon Organics


  1. Less breakouts
  2. My skin feels soft
  3. It's full of antioxidants
  4. Smells great
  5. Takes away traces of dirt, makeup, dead skin cells etc.
  6. I can buy this at Walmart
  1. It  makes my face red after applying.
  2. It burns my skin depending on the day

So far, I have purchased 3 TheraNeem Lemongrass & Patchouli Cleansing Bars, 2 Avalon Organics COQ10 Toners, and 1 Avalon Organics Vitamin C Toner. I will definitely continue to buy the TheraNeem Cleansing Bar and the Avalon COQ10 Toner. I have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin, and these products has helped out a lot.

***I purchased 2 cleansing bars and  1 COQ10 toner from

Mzx NiNi


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