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About Me

 I’m Mzx NiNi and I’m a blogger from the Midwest. I love blogging about different products that I have used.  If I can help at least one person I'm happy.  Thanks for visiting my blog and don't forget to subscribe and/0r follow.

Age: 27
Nationality: African-American/West Indian+ 
Height: 5'2 1/2" I never made it to 5'3" 
Weight: 100-107lbs
Skin Type: Oily, Acne Prone, Sensitive
Skin Tone: Bare Minerals Warm Tan, 
Hair: Transitioning to natural. I had my last relaxer in October 2012. 

☆ Fruit snack addict since 1990 :P
 I had a Batman birthday party when I was 5 
 Fav. Colors: Pink, Black, and Silver
 Ants freak me out 
☆ I have 5 younger siblings 
Some people call me weird... I say I'm unique^^

 Babies and animals love me for some reason
☆ My West Indian accent comes out when I'm angry. I always kind of have an accent, but you can hear it clearly when I'm angry lol! 
 I wash my hands more than the average person!
 Single. No children.
 I'm very good at mimicking voices

My "Stalker Boo" Snow
My "Stalker Boo" Snow
This is my Maltese named Snow. I believe his favorite hobbies are, stalking me, staring at me, eating, and stalking me some more! He recently went blind in one eye due to glaucoma. He's still as playful as ever!

*Snow had  his eye removed on October 14, 2012.  Everything went well and he's doing great.
*Snow passed away November 9th 2014 Registered & Protected