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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hera Age Away Review

I bought this on eBay awhile back. The shipping was very fast, and she even gave me samples and a handmade headband :) 

-Hera Gel to Oil Cleanser, Hera Sun Mate Simple Set, Hera Age Away
-Samples: Zeal Soap, Sulwhasoo First Care Serum and Firming Cream
- Freebie: Handmade headband.

Hera Age Away

Hera is a premium cosmetics line under Amore Pacific in Korea. Hera Age Away is an anti-aging skin care line that activates skin cell growth factors by adopting the cutting edge micro-fludics technology. Actress Shin Min Ah is currently the spokesperson for the Hera line.

Sample Sized

  1. Hera Age Away Intensive Water
  2. Hera Age Away Intensive Emulsion
  3. Hera Age Away Modifier LX
  4. Hera Age Way Eye Contour Cream
  5. Hera Age Away Intensive Cream

* The description for each product was taken off of eBay :)

Hera Age Away Intensive Water

- A wrinkle improving functional skin softener to improve skin texture and complexion for a young and vitalized appearance.

- This enriched functional skin softener moisturizes the skin to fill in wrinkle troughs and is quickly absorbed to make the skin appear smooth and radiant.

- The non-sticky, moisturized and smooth finish maximizes the absorption and efficacy of products used in subsequent steps.

Hera Age Away Intensive Emulsion

- A wrinkle improving functional lotion that creates a foundation for healthy skin through ample moisturization an nourishment.

- This functional lotion improves the soundness of skin by supplying ample moisture and nutrients, the basics of healthy skin, to improve wrinkles.

- Through the silky spread and smooth finish, you will instantly experience improved skin condition even in the emulsion stage.

Hera Age Away Modifier LX

- A wrinkle improving functional serum that helps to restore skin structure with enriched ABcell LXTM .

 - Highly enriched with ABcell LXTM, the key ingredient of Age Away, this No.1 product provides rapid skin aging care and intensive regeneration effects.

 - Rosavin's excellent anti-oxidation properties protect skin cells to maintain healthy skin,while Cell Essence maximizes skin restoration and regeneration functions.

  - Age Away Modifier LX is absorbed smoothly as if dissolving into the skin and presents soft yet firm skin to enable the experience of renewed skin. 

Hera Age Away Eye Contour Cream

- A wrinkle improving functional eye cream that creates confident eye lines through firm lifting and moisturization.

 - Bio Vegetable Protein densely fills and firms the skin around the eyes, while Contour Lipid improves the skin around the eyes though lifting effects.

 - Featuring a thick texture, this enriched eye cream adheres to the skin the moment it is applied and provides immediate effect.

Hera Age Away Intensive Cream

- A functional cream that improves wrinkles for visibly enhanced skin by providing care for skin lifting and aged pores.

 - This functional cream improves wrinkles by controlling skin dryness through a high-moisturizing substance and smooths out the skin by coating through aged pores.

 - Dermo Remodeller stimulates skin restoration and regeneration, while the volume filler improves moisturization and firmness deep inside the skin.

 - Thick-texture cream adheres to the skin the moment it is applied and restores young skin that transcends the passage of time.

 Price? Expensive for the full sized products 
★ Skin Type? Recommended for dry skin
 Texture? Very smooth. Everything absorbed into my skin quickly.
 Smell? It's very perfumy 
 Recommend? Yes if you like to splurge or try new products. No if you're on a budget or have oily or sensitive skin.
 Repurchase?  No


I've tried a sample of the Waterfall Serum from the Hera Aquabolic line and loved it, so I decided to try the Hera Age Way Line.  All of the products absorbed quickly into my skin and left if smooth but, everything except for the Eye Contour Cream broke me out.  I don't know if I broke out because of the perfume, or if I broke out because it was too heavy for my oily skin.  I have sensitive skin, but I love trying new skin care products. I can't help it lol! I'm constantly searching for the best products.

 I've only seen Hera products on eBay,,,, and G Market.  I still want to try Hera's Aquabolic Balancing line but I'm a little scared. The moisturizing line is for dry skin and the balancing line is for combination/oily skin. I hope this helps those of you that might have been curious about this skin care line :) 

Be safe and have a great day!!


Girlie Blogger said...[Reply]

Good review. Hate products that are too expensive but don't work that well.

Corina Nika said...[Reply]

Very helpful thanks for sharing!!


Bravoerunway said...[Reply]

Amore Pacific is a wonderful line but I've never heard of Hera. Too bad the eye cream caused a break out...I have issues with heavily scented products as well :(

TulipLove said...[Reply]

Aww, sorry to hear it broke you out! I love trying new beauty products too but there's always a fear of break-outs happening :(
Thanks for the review~

Mzx NiNi said...[Reply]

You're welcome :)

Mzx NiNi said...[Reply]

You're welcome :)

Mzx NiNi said...[Reply]


Mzx NiNi said...[Reply]

I don't think Hera is that popular in the U.S yet. I've only seen a few blog reviews.

Eun said...[Reply]

Try I hera products sold on that site. I will be replenishing my products from there.

I just came back from korea and spent a small fortune on hera products.I love hera products and have been using it for years. The balancing line is good if you have oily/ combination skin. I have combination skin and in the winter time my skin gets super dry yet still get oily so i cant use super moisturizing products. However I use the sleeping pack and mist which help combat the dryness

Mzx NiNi said...[Reply]

Thank you! I'll take a look :)

yh said...[Reply]

the hera age away simple set got 5 item...need to use it according to step ?

Mzx NiNi said...[Reply]

Yes :)

yh said...[Reply]

After wash face then use item 1 to item 5 ? Thanks for reply

Mzx NiNi said...[Reply]

Yes. You use products 1-5 after you have washed your face. Sorry for the late reply. i just saw your comment^^

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