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Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY: White Fungus Facial Serum

I saw this DIY facial serum on YouTube (video here) from Queenie Chan.  This serum is supposed to be an all natural anti-aging serum. You should be able to purchase the white fungus at an Asian grocery store. Because there are no preservatives in this serum, you must use it with in a week. This serum must be stored in your refrigerator. 

What you will need:

White fungus 1 piece or more (depends on how much you want to make).
Bottle (preferably one with a dropper)
Strainer basket

White Fungus (a.k.a snow fungus,silver fungus )

 Step 1: Soak the fungus in a bowl of warm water with the yellow base facing up for 10 minutes. Squeeze the fungus a few times to help get rid of the impurities and change out the water if needed.

Photos of clean white fungus

Step 2: Trim the "petals" of  the fungus off and keep middle part for future use.

Yellow middle base part

The middle part can be used as a facial and body scrub. It's very soft! You can reuse it for up to a week. Keep it in your refrigerator. 

Step 3: Put the white fungus in a pot of boiling water and let it simmer on low heat for for 60-90 minutes.

When it's done, the water should now be in a gooey gel like form. This is the serum.

Step 4 :  Use a strainer to take out the chunks of white fungus and transfer the liquid to a bowl and let it cool.  

Step 5: Fill your bottle up with the serum. Store it in your refrigerator. 

You can eat the white fungus or you can use the rest of your liquid serum on pre-cut paper facial masks. I tried eating some of it and did not like it. It's a texture thing :) 

Fangirl Moment :) BigBang is back!!!! It's nice to see all 5 of them together again. I pre-orderd the BigBang version of their CD on Feb 17th.  YG made 6 versions of their CD, which made it hard for fans to choose which one they wanted. I think some fans bought all 6! YG is a smart man lol! I kept on going back and forth on whether or not I wanted BigBang's version or Taeyang's version for like a day. I didn't get the CD with the poster because I don't like having posters in my room. I don't like the people on the posters staring at me while I'm changing lol!! I'm weird like that^^ NEWho, here are their new music videos.


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