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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sigma Beauty F82 Brush Review

"The F82 Round Top Kabuki brush simplifies precise makeup application under the eyes and around the nose. This brush is also perfect for achieving flawless coverage using liquid and powder products. Made of Synthetic Sigmax HD filament."

Quality?  Made very well. Sturdy
Smell?  It didn't really have a smell
Shedding?  I haven't had any shedding
Softness?  Very soft
Recommend?  Yes

I bought Sigma Beauty's F82 Brush on Black Friday. I needed a new makeup brush because my Bare Minerals brushes shed way too much. I bought the Bare Minerals kit with the brushes, because a lady that worked there said that their brushes were the only ones that will pick up every trace of foundation when you do the swirl and tap. I use this brush with my bare mineral foundation and it picks up every trace of foundation just like the Bare Minerals brush.

I love Sigma Beauty's F82 brush because I can blend my foundation into my skin instead of having it sit on top of my skin. This brush is very soft and I haven't had any problems with it shedding. No more bristles on my face!! I chose the F82 brush over the F80 brush, because I liked that it can apply foundation underneath the eyes as well as on the sides of your nose. I'm happy with my purchase and I would like to buy the Synthetic Essential Kit one day. If you're looking to buy new makeup brushes try out Sigma Beauty!


tris1978ton said...[Reply]

I see all the thick bristles of the Sigma brush. It looks amazing.

Bunnie said...[Reply]

I have a kabuki brush, but I use it to apply blush... it's probably not the right thing to use it for!

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