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Monday, September 20, 2010

Mario Badescu samples came today!

 My samples are here woot woot!!! I received the "try samples" email on Sept. 10th and they arrived on the 20th.

1.) Special Cleansing lotion “C”
2.) Botanical Facial Gel
3.) Drying Mask
4.) Kiwi Face Scrub
5.) Oil Free Moisturizer
6.) Drying Cream
7.) Hyaluronic Eye Cream

It also came with a product application guide and a product guide booklet. They add your name to the application guide which is neat. It made me feel special lol! This guide just tells you how to apply the products in the morning and in the evening.The product guide is a catalog of all their products.

I’m going to try them out this week. Everything smelled decent except for the Drying Mask. It smells like something that would come from an auto shop. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to use it. I’ll give a review on the samples next week.


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