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Monday, October 3, 2011

Gal Giveaways

Enter Here

1 x Liz Lisa homewear frilly dress (free size)
1 x Heroine Make Kiss Me long curl mascara
1 x Melliesh no.2 eyelashes
1 x Dollywink eyelash case
1 x eyelid tape
1 x eyelid fiber tape
2 x off brand eyelashes
1 x face slimming massage roller

1st Prize: 
- EGOIST bag from Edge Style magazine
- Gazen ParaPara!! presents Galpara CD
- Diamond Lash Ladies Glamorous Series in Angel eye
- Dolly Wink Eyeshadow in 01 Brown
- Sephora Smoothing Primer
- IPKN Blossom Moisture Kit 4 Sample

2nd Prize:
- $15 worth of makeup from of your choice!
The winner of this prize will be contacted once chosen. They will then send me their choices of products to pick, up to $15 in value. 

Items included:
1. Palty Floral Solid Fragrance
2. Collagen Vitamins
3. Arpacasso Mini Pink Alpaca
4. Decolog Sweet Lashes, set of 5
5. Cecil McBee bling watch

Enter Here

Prize:  $35 voucher


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